Thursday, 2 April 2020

Not enough stuff

Not enough stuff

We’re short on stuff
There’s not enough
The luck is tough
The sleep is rough
The food is duff
There’s job rebuff
Councillors bluff
Guff huff and puff

The bailiff comes
To struggling mums
In filthy slums
Where kids eat crumbs
There’s empty tums
Bleeding gums
Persistent hums
And dirty bums

There’re cold rads
Loans shark ads
Heartless cads
Towering pads
Flammable clads
Runaway lads
And violent dads

There’s vented spleens
Angry scenes
Ruined jeans
Homeless teens
Out-of-date beans
Soggy greens
Broke machines
And lack of means

There’s dereliction
Vows of fiction
False depiction
No conviction
Tension friction
House eviction
Drink addiction
Harm infliction
Of broken dreams
Abandoned schemes
Damaged beams
Ripped seams
Low esteems
Silent screams

There’s scant relief
No legal brief
There’s rotting teeth
Endless grief
Collective beef
And disbelief
Was our chief
An Eton Thief?

And it could it be
And it’s legacy
Of poverty
Was actually
The fantasy
Of an MP
On a yacht at sea?

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