Thursday, 25 June 2020

In His Wife's Shoes

In his wife’s shoes

Trump in a pair of stilettos
Canvassed the poorest of ghettos
He danced in the street
To a nationalist beat
And wished he was wearing Repettos  

Second Wave

Second wave

Soaking sun like leeches
Screaming in delight  
Crowding Britain’s beaches
With not a mask in sight
People are defying
Instinctively they bathe
Unknowingly each trying
To catch the second wave

Monday, 22 June 2020

Life's a Test

Life’s a test

Looking down
From the edge
Of despair
A man cries
Life’s a test
Or else
What’s the point
Of all the pain?
People below
One foot dangling
Over their heads
Conducting them
Gazes transfixed
Silence spreads

I’m a performer
Tight rope walking
Between buildings tall
I wonder
How many are hoping
To see me fall?

Silence prevails
Resigned to fate
A deep breath
He gets ready to jump


Frozen unsure
The ground below
The time
Between here
And there
Thoughts arise
What will they be?
Hitting the ground
Will his soul be

Whatever you believe
Or fear
What’s last
Is a testament
That led you here
When time ceases
Are no more
Your last
Is the key
To eternity’s door

In an ambulance
Rescued by
Entering his head
Can you repeat
What you said?
Says a policeman
A seed  sown
The voice
Was none other
Than his own?

Back from the brink
No longer
Seeing differently
Life’s a test

Paths lead to
Sorrow wars
Which one’s yours?

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Epilogue or The Convict's Dream

Epilogue or The Convict’s Dream

A pestilence without a name
From Asia’s deepest regions came
And when its victory was gained
All but the very few remained

Each particle of pestilence
Had self-will and intelligence
And breathed in by humanity
It caused a mass-insanity

Infected folk began to feel
That they uniquely had the skill
Of knowledge quite unshakeable
All others being breakable

Each individual possessed
A strong belief that they knew best
And harder than the hardest stone
The truth was theirs and theirs alone

Cities were to madness driven
Villages and towns were riven
Businesses failed to run
And no one trusted anyone

No cure or solution found
No shared belief no common ground
The mass infected couldn’t see
In absence of humility

Not one agreement could be had
On what was good or what was bad
Partnerships of faux conviction
Ended soon in contradiction

Farming and agriculture ceased
As man like a demonic beast
Eaten up with mutual hate
Tried and failed to communicate

The armies mobilised and they
All fell apart in the same way
Brother turning on each brother
Stabbing shooting one another

Animals starved and nothing grew
There was disease and famine too
As people on their fellows fell
Each suffering a private hell

All over Earth the virus spread
Now there were very many dead
And no one but the chosen few
Survived to start the world anew


On waking in a conscious stream
Of thought upon the convict’s dream
Inside my head I made a leap
To wide awake from sound asleep

And in the early morning light
I there considered wrong and right
What Dostoevsky had to say
Rang true at least for me that day

Going on social media
Requoting Wikipedia
We put each other to the test
Convince ourselves that we know best

And as I think I comprehend  
Yet still I question in the end
The chosen few who no one knew
Who would they be if dreams came true?

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The bunker

The bunker

Hiding in a bunker in forty five,
From anti-fascists, Hitler, running scared
And determined not to be caught alive,
Took a cyanide capsule, pre-prepared,
And tested on his dog some time before.
Eva did the same, consequently died,
And Hitler, presumably to be sure
Of success in committing suicide,
Gave himself a wound with his service gun;
And that, being as fatal as the pill,
Made doubly certain the job was well done;
The ending, perfectly fitting the bill,
Of despot, in a bunker, underground;
Does that sentence have a familiar sound?

What goes around

What goes around

Communists and Nazis
Fought each other’s parties
And the ruckus carried on
All through the night
Till finally both teams
Of political extremes
Joined hands and formed
A line from left to right  

Each end it was observed
Towards the other curved
And when they met
All hands were tightly bound
And with a karaoke
They sang the Okey Cokey
Together in a circle
Spinning round 

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Don't spread hate in the name of Lee

Don’t spread hate in the name of Lee

Don’t spread hate in the name of Lee;
You’re adding to the nation’s pain;
Show some respect for his family.

The murderous beasts will never see
Beyond a prison’s walls again;
Don’t spread hate in the name of Lee.

Against an entire community, 
His photograph is used in vain;
Show some respect for his family.

You’re tarnishing his memory,
And more division you’ll attain;
Don’t spread hate in the name of Lee.

His mother recently made a plea;
Your hurtful comments are a bane,
Show some respect for his family.

All lives matter, you say to me,
So if you claim to be humane,
Don’t spread hate in the name of Lee;
Show some respect for his family.