Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Attention Seekers Allowance

Howdy all

..................... but honestly, sometimes one needs to get it off ones chest doesn't one?

Attention Seekers Allowance

In a bid for popularity
With a total lack of clarity
A strictly personal tragedy
That should have been kept in the family
Wasn’t private enough apparently
To stop it being candidly
And blandly posted randomly
To be judged unitelligently
By the friends of a total calamity
With a fucked up personality

And now it’s just a malady
An attention seeking travesty
A cry for help and sympathy
Sincerity and empathy
With a feeling of impunity
At every opportunity
It’s “Liked” and “Shared” implicitly 
In a tidal wave of complicity
And sacrificed specifically   
To the cause of self-publicity.    

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