Sunday, 29 April 2018

Righteous man

Righteous man

If I could follow God’s great plan,
And be a selfless righteous man,
Renouncing Satan’s tempting goal
To save my long corrupted soul,
I’d ride a camel through the eye
And fly to the highest of the high,
There to rest where God did sow
Gardens through which rivers flow.

If I could ignore all material things,
Resist the pull of the devil’s strings
And be immune to the lure of lust
And all things destined to be dust,
Would I be raised at the end of days,
For angels to God to sing my praise?
Would I be judged on sage advice
And handed the keys to Paradise?
It’s been written the sum of all fears
Is a day of fifty thousand years
And on that day the dead will rise
Disrobed and bereft of all disguise.
And finally, it will be understood,         
Deeds are weighted, bad against good.
What outweighs the other, God will tell,
Only he decides between Heaven
Or Hell.

I’ve not followed God’s great plan,
I’m far from being a righteous man,
Satan’s not real? God doesn’t exist?
This world’s for pleasure, why resist?
Am I just a fool? Who knows for sure?
Maybe deep down I aspire to be pure,
In lieu of the day I stare death in the face,
I’m keeping a store of things good
In case.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Get ready for war

Get ready for war

Distorted opinions
Holding the floor
Get ready for war
The flag’s waving
Pretend lions roar
Get ready for war

Refugee children
Dead on the shore
Get ready for war
Black white brown
Rich man and poor
Get ready for war

Left right middle
Extremist bore
Get ready for war
Man in the street
Says what’s this for
Get ready for war

Scared atheists cry
The religious implore
Get ready for war
Peace activists gasp
Restrained by the law
Get ready for war

Youth middle aged
Ten and three score
Get ready for war
Babies pre- schools
Two three and four
Get ready for war

The finger of blame
Points to the door
Get ready for war
The blameless suffer
The angry ignore
Get ready for war

Woman with child
Exhausted and sore
Get ready for war
Push out a statistic
Scream till you’re raw
Get ready for war

The truth or the lie
Both matter no more
Get ready for war
Cos “it is what it is”
No cause to explore
Get ready for war

Who started all this?
You’ll never be sure
Get ready for war
Is this Armageddon?
Is that what’s in store?
Get ready for war

A sudden news flash
An outburst a furore
Get ready for war
Go figure out
What you just saw
Get ready for war