Saturday, 23 May 2015

The wickedness of Iain Duncan Smith

At last. My "May 2015" trilogy is complete!
Now perhaps, I can get down to some proper prose

May 2015 part 3

The wickedness of Iain Duncan Smith

The dispossessed
The depressed
Whose homes have been
The disabled
The mentally ill
The long term unemployed
Raised from the ashes
Of the scrap heap
To be demonized and ridiculed
And labelled
And subjected to the
Meanest of means testing
By jobsworths on the minimum wage
The countless casualties
Of the callous calamity
Born apparently from the necessity
Of austerity
The incompetence of the department
That sends letters declaring
Dying cancer victims
“Fit for work”
Diabetics unable to chill
Their insulin
No electricity = no refrigeration
That’s what you get
For being late for your appointment
The thirteen year old kid
Whose dad had a stroke
Was treated like the punchline
Of a sick joke
Only it’s not a fucking joke
His dad died
ATOS killed him
YOU killed him
And those who voted for you
And support you
And attempt to justify your crusade
Just take a minute to reflect
Who otherwise would still be alive
And whilst you remain rigorous
And rigid in your determination
To ultimately destroy
The concept of the welfare state
They will
Until in the end all that’s left
Are the fit and healthy
Perfect fodder
For a lifetime of enforced
Low paid labour
Is that your plan?
You wicked
Wicked man!


Friday, 15 May 2015

An agnostic's prayer

Part 2 of the trilogy begun with "Born again".

This poem is very much influenced by Dostoevsky's "The brothers Karamasov", which I'm labouring through at the moment. Father Zossima, I salute you sir and God bless you.

And hardly a rhyme to be seen.

May 2015 part 2

An agnostic’s Hymn

God bless you all
All you fascists
All you communists
All you dictators
All you torturers
Of innocents
Open your cells now
Feed the hungry

God bless you all
All you chauvinists
All you misogynists
All you misandrists
All suppressors    
Of gender equality
Open your hearts now
Feed the hungry

God bless you all
All you closed minded
All you racists
All you sexists
All you haters
Of diversity
Open your minds now
Feed the hungry

God bless you all
All you nationalists
All you monarchists
All you patriots
All of you proud
Flag wavers
Open your borders
Feed the hungry

God bless you all
All you fanatics
All you crusaders
All you Salafists
All instigators
Of holy war
Open your eyes now
Feed the hungry

God bless you all
All you wealth creators
All you corporatists  
All you tax evaders
All manufacturers 
Of cheap labour
Open your banks now
Feed the hungry

God bless you all
All you consumerists
All you materialists
All you narcissists
All ignorers
Of deprivation
Open your doors now
Feed the hungry.