Friday, 8 April 2016

The blood runs dry

The blood runs dry

The doctrine of lust, ambition, greed
The never sated urge to feed
Disguised by those who will devour
And walk the corridors of power
The windows dressed with words they preach
There’s little substance in their speech
And yet the oratories prevail
The Times, The Express, The Daily Mail
The Sun beams down on the lowest soul
The worker shrugs and digs his hole
And never stops to wonder why
The vampires suck
The man bleeds dry

The nurse assists those lying sick
She’s all alone and must be quick
The labouring mother’s turned away
There’s no room on the ward today
The ill-informed will name and shame
The need to hate, the need to blame
The single mother vilified
The poor and needy help denied
And those that are led still mesmerised
And those that are broken more despised
And the masses fight (that’s you and I)
The vampires suck
The woman bleeds dry

A policeman's death a young man’s kicks
Been smoking dope since the age of “Six”
A beaten alcoholic dies
In a high street doorway where he lies
Failures borne of childhood fears
In competition with their peers
Search for food under dustbin lids
So it’s been said of hungry kids
Elected politicians say
“Austerity’s the only way”
A beggar ignored by passers by
The vampires suck
The child bleeds dry

An oil well burns a fracker drills
A missile’s fired a terrorist kills
A family crawling on its knees
Joins the ranks of refugees
They come in overcrowded ships
And wait in make shift rubbish tips
Their futures faced no doubt in fear
For many are not wanted here
Though none of them had ever planned
To be the scapegoats of this land
The powerful propagate the lie
The vampires suck
The world bleeds dry