Friday, 29 May 2020



When she had the dread disease
That brought the country to its knees
The government advisor’s spouse
Should have stayed inside the house
In isolation for a spell
Along with Dominique as well
According to the rules set down
By Dom the party and the clown
But clearly having none have that
She called her husband for a chat
And consequently off they fled
To Durham many miles ahead
Where baby sitters just in case
Resided at Dom’s parent’s place
There being not a single one
In London who could have their son
Should Dom and Mary start to feel
Both equally extremely ill
And sure enough Dom did indeed
The next day follow Mary’s lead
He had to spend some days in bed
With fever and an aching head
And when his son went in decline
The remedy was 999
But it was nothing thankfully
A test proclaimed him COVID free
And some days later Dom himself
Was feeling in much better health
He made a call to those in power
And told them he felt better now
But Mary was quite worried still
She wasn’t going home until
She knew his eyes were at their best
And so therefore at her request
To make quite sure that he could see
Dominque drove his family
To Barnard’s outskirts where he found
His eyesight to be safe and sound
It was the simplest of trials
That half hour trip of thirty miles
But Dominque unwittingly
Albeit acting flippantly
In view of nothing being said
About the trip that went ahead
Has started now a brand new trend
Inasmuch as I comprehend
Now if you have COVID 19
And babysitters can’t be seen
You can visit most anywhere
Go on a daytrip once you’re there
And if your vision is impaired  
All prosecution will be spared
As long as you remember to
Say that’s what Dominique would do

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Chy Nah

Chy Nah

It’s all the fault of China
Said the grabber of vagina
And believers in the dream
Of America supreme
Golden pavements private health
Enterprise expansive wealth
And Hydroxychloroquine
Hailed the man with orange skin
With a God Almighty roar
As they psyched themselves for war
For nothing could be finer
Than enmity with China

Corona comes from China
The COVID grand designer
Was suggested to the crowd
Of disciples white and proud
Waving flags for whom God saves
With decedents owning slaves
Decent folk Trump does declare
To reporters everywhere
Not condemning their attacks
On innocent jogging blacks
And other things quite minor
Compared with crimes of China

Let’s go to war with China
And make the tariffs higher
Hinted Donald in a tone
Like Greg Stillson’s in Dead Zone
Trump was only talking trade
But the groundwork’s still been laid
For a possible exchange
Of ballistics fired long range
Or at least it seems to me
That’s a possibility
When every Trump one-liner
Appears to end with China

Saturday, 16 May 2020



How is a street of houses not hice
If more than one mouse is ruled to be mice?
Why do the measurements height and weight   
Respectively rhyme with white and mate?
How can an H be silent in hour
What is the meaning of K in knowhow?
Where is the logic in peer or fear
If pear pairs with dare and deer with near?

Why does a wound not have the same sound
As pound except when a clock’s being wound?
How can the plural of hoof be hooves
Or hoofs when roofs can no longer be rooves?
Why have an N in damns but not grams?
How no sheeps when there can be lambs?
What is the need of an E in more?
Twos Os in door yet never in law?

The GHT residing in bright
Silently present in fight delight
Insight and blight but not so in bite
Mite spite kite rite or stalagmite
Has kept me awake for many a night
And try as I might with eyes shut tight 
I toss and turn in sleepless flight
Considering words like freight and sleight.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Great Britain

Great Britain

Compassion and kindness, the power to forgive
Would surely make Britain a "Great" place to live
A culture of fear and a nationalist state
Might be for Great Britain but wont make it "Great"