Friday, 31 August 2018

Dead man walking

Dead man walking (Polperro, Cornwall 1995)

A summer holiday just begun
In a hurry
With his wife and son

A man pushing thirty on a steep hill
Had a caravan
And a week to kill

Hurrying up to the top of the track
His wife said
You’ll have a heart attack

He laughing at his wife’s remark
Came across
Something in the dark

On the ground in jeans and shirt
Blood trickling
Mingling with dirt

Sightless eyes gaze into space
Shock and fear
On the lifeless face

A body laid there a woman cried
The man saw it
And shivered inside

The woman cried out please help me
Beside herself
Who wouldn’t be?

She said they were just walking back
And he collapsed
A heart attack?

More people came one made a call
The police arrived
To the relief of all

One comforted the other tried
To resuscitate
As the woman cried

I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do
He said to her
Sadly that was true

One moment breathing then no more
She told them
He was fifty four

An ambulance took the body away
The man hurried back
To his holiday

Time passes fast and people forget
For many death’s
A long way off yet

As in the case of what’s been said
Of one in a hurry
Another found dead

The man in a hurry of course was me
In my mind’s eye
I presently see

A man pushing sixty on a steep hill
A youngster no more
Yet hurrying still

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Charming man

The charming man

“Please would you mind stepping on to this chair?”
Said the charming man with the charming hair,
In a charming voice, calm, soft and polite,                                          
With a charming smile; charming and bright.
The commoner stepped up onto the chair,
Stood underneath a noose hanging there,
The charming man said, “Put your head inside”,
And the commoner, charmed, gladly complied.
The charming man smiled, charmingly sighed,
Kicked at the chair and the commoner died.

“Please would you mind coming over here?”
Said the charming man; charming and clear,
With a charming manner; charming and fair,
With a charming face and a charming stare.
The commoner came to the edge of the tower,
Stood to attention, gave a quick bow
And the charming man said, “Listen carefully,
Get ready to jump on the count of three”.
The charming man counted and charmed as could be,
The commoner jumped to his death, eagerly.

“Please would you mind picking up this gun?”
Said the charming man, the charming one,
In the charming suit, charming bowtie
And charming top hat; what a charming guy!
The commoner picked up the weapon and said,
“Would you like me to point this gun at my head?”
And the charming man said, “My, how did you guess?
How clever you are, of course I do yes.
Now put your finger on the trigger and press”.
So he did, (and the servants cleaned up the mess).

“Please would you mind following me?”
Said the charming man ever so charmingly.
With the charming demeanour and charming bent
Of a perfectly charming upper class gent.
The commoners heard him and loved his style,
So they happily followed and after a while,
They came to a field of mud, barbed wire,
Dead soldiers, trenches, gas and gunfire.
The charming man left them in that quagmire,
To fight for his cause, and fulfil his desire.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018



Canine crew
Sputnik 2
November ‘57
Moscow stray
Fired away
Died and went to Heaven

Zero times
Her coffin circled Earth
The bastards
Evidently felt
A dog’s life
Has no worth