Friday, 18 November 2016



Doctor Ibrahim:
Sit down sir what can I do for you?
Have you come to get an annual jab for the flu?
No it’s not that, it’s hard to explain
Doctor Ibrahim:
Tell me, what is it then? Are you in pain?
No not exactly, it’s just…… I feel strange
It’s like I’m going through some sort of change
Doctor Ibrahim:
Oh dear, please tell me then what’s wrong
Quick as you can though, I haven’t got long
Well, it’s like this; just lately I’ve been
Having strong urges to vent my spleen
And shout horrid things to the man next door
I tell you I’ve never felt like this before
Doctor Ibrahim:
Hmm..Can you tell me, what sort of things?
It’s like an alarm in my head that rings
And tells me the man that’s living next door
And his family should NOT BE HERE ANYMORE!
Doctor Ibrahim:
Please try to be calm, there’s no need to shout
Take a deep breath, and breathe slowly out
And tell me, when did these “Urges” first start?
Bloody FOREIGNERS! Tearing this country apart!
Doctor Ibrahim:
I beg your pardon, are you talking to me?
You and your kind should be chucked in the sea
You might be a doctor but I can still tell
That you’re not one of US; you’re a MUSLIM as well
Doctor Ibrahim:
HOW DARE YOU? Get out of my surgery NOW!
Come on then mate if you fancy a row
You believe every word of that disgusting text
You’ll be calling me “Islamaphobic” next
You lot are not wanted, go back to your holes
You’ve ruined MY country; you and the POLES!
Doctor Ibrahim:
Good morning can you get me the police?
And tell them to come to my surgery please?
Yes I’m afraid there’s another one here
And he’s getting more agitated I fear
Don’t worry; I’m going I won’t be back
I’m not a racist, my best mate’s black
Doctor Ibrahim:
It’s alright; he’s gone there’s no need to come
Yes here’s his address, just in case he’s gone home
No of course I’m not certain he’s broken the law
But I’m afraid I’m seeing this more and more
That look of blind hatred I saw on his face
Leads me to conclude it’s yet one more case
Of Rightwingalitus an extreme one for sure
I hope one day that we’ll find a cure
‘Till then let me tell you, though it pains me to say
This frightening phenomenon looks certain to stay

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Let's sit on the fence

Let’s sit on the fence

Billions of babies each
Born the same way
Some live for years
Others just for a day
Time’s bubble bursts
In the infinite sway
Girl and boy
Let’s sit on the fence

Each individual
Is part of the game
To partake or not
To partake is the same
An opinion once uttered
Is placed in the frame
Is it best to be silent
And coy?
Let’s sit on the fence

Conditions disputed
Tempers are flared
A leader emerges
War is declared
Aggressors and pacifists
None of them spared
As missiles and bombs
Let’s sit on the fence

Warlords conquer
Peace brokers beseech
Politicians proclaim
The God fearing preach
With vows spoken
Agreements they reach
A new deal
Another ploy?
Let’s sit on the fence

At the end of the day
Does it matter my friend?
Rich or poor
We all end up the same
In the end
“All the world’s a stage”
In this land of pretend
Every object
No more than a toy
Let’s sit on the fence