Saturday, 4 April 2020

Boxset (dedicated to Ben Powis)

Boxset (dedicated to Ben Powis)

Since socialising is against the law;
You can’t visit friends, or go to the pub;
Amazon, Netflix, iPlayer, More 4,
Sky Atlantic, and The ITV Hub,
Are alternatives to restaurants, bars,
Coffee shops, theatres, and cinemas,
And, I have to say, you’ve a treat in store,
If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad before.
But if you have, that’s no problem at all;
Without giving any spoilers away;
Once Walter and Jesse have had their day,
You can watch the prequel: Better Call Saul.
There’re fifty episodes of that to get through,
Between now and Corona: season two.

Have you watched The Sopranos and the Wire?
If you haven’t, you can catch them on Sky,
(I’d also recommend Boardwalk Empire,
But HBO pulled it, I’m not sure why).
I’ve heard that Westworld’s a pretty big deal,
And much the same of The Real Chernobyl;
You can binge for weeks on The Walking Dead,
One of my favourites, it has to be said,
I’ve been from the start, a fan of that show;
Its array of characters, good and bad,
Fighting each other in a world gone mad,
With many a hapless zombie in tow,
Is sure to frighten and captivate you,
Between now and Corona: season two.

Game Of Thrones I’ve not seen, but I must say,
(And this is a spoiler alert, I’m afraid),
The ending, it’s said, went somewhat astray,
And disheartened viewers want it remade;
Some even signed a petition, I heard,
For the longer series they’d have preferred.
Personally, I’d rather watch Ozark;
It’s blend of comedy, often quite dark,
Underhanded deals with the FBI,
Marty Byrde laundering for the cartel,
Living on the edge and going through hell
As agents, gangsters, and hillbillies die,
Makes for an extremely compelling view,
Between now and Corona: season two.

Stranger Things four has alas, been delayed,
Due to the virus outbreak I’ve been told;
I hope, by the time it’s finally made,
It’s teenage cast hasn’t grown too old.
Have you seen the trailer for series four?
It’ll leave you salivating for more,
And I bet you’ll be gutted, just like me,
If you’ve already binge-watched the first three.
But despair not; Sneaky Pete’s back again,
Starring Bryan Cranston, who, if you recall,
Was in Breaking Bad, as was Arron Paul,
Who’s now in The Path, playing Eddie Lane.
I’ll watch them, as I’ve nothing else to do,
Between now and Corona: season two.

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