Thursday, 11 February 2016

The man next door

Part of the "Fruits of the Oak tree" series

The man next door

You know the man that lived next door
On whom contempt and
Scorn you'd pour
And sometimes acknowledge
But mostly ignore

Though outwardly he was a slave
He sought the best way
To behave
Searched his mind
And found a cave

Left all possessions on a shelf
And contemplated
With the self
The concept of poverty
And wealth

And in that meditative state
There was no pain no love
No hate
No joy no sorrow
To contemplate

There for a while he did remain
Till senses lured him
Back again
To the unreal world
Of pleasure and pain

Made contributions without pride
Rewards he for
Himself denied
And in that way
He lived then died

That man next door
You thought you knew
And categorised
With thoughts untrue
He saw the self  
Inside of you