Wednesday, 24 May 2017



A well meaning poem
Read out loud
Recited with feeling
To the gathered crowd
May bring comfort
For a short while
And conjure up the image
Of your smile
But after all
It’s just words
And it goes nowhere
Rising like vapour
Dispersed in thin air
Like a statement a minister’s
Bound to prepare
Like a mother’s cry met
With a tearful stare

Indeed, like this piece
I’ve written for you
(Though I tried my hardest
To make it true)
It won’t stop the flow
Of endless tears shed
Nor alter the path
Of the easily led

If I could gather up the bad
Make it all good
Then hand it back
(Like a caring God should)
Drag you away
From where the beast stood
And bring you home safe
Believe me
I would

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Champagne Socialists

Champagne Socialists

A Champagne cork flies across the room,
Hits a picture of Tony Benn;
Flutes overflowing with Dom Perignon
Are raised by ladies and gentlemen.

“Let’s drink a toast to good old Tone”
Is met by a joyous retort, “Hear, hear!”
Glasses charged, discussion begins;
Part two of “The road to Wigan Pier”.

“’Sandal wearing fruit juice drinkers’
Why did he say that? please explain;
The account of the mines was grand indeed,
But part two I won’t be reading again.

Far too subjective and scathing for me,
And I heard he was of bourgeois employ;
When all’s said and done, he’s a hypocrite too;
After all, wasn’t he an old Eton boy?”

Another stands up and raises his glass
Of fruit juice, (for Champagne is not his thing);
In the background an anthem; “The red flag” plays;
He nods in approval and starts to sing.

Singing and tapping his sandal clad feet,
He pauses, and once more raises his glass;
“Ladies and gents, I propose a toast
To the party’s success and the working class”

“I’ll drink to that” another pipes in
But the bottle is empty, the Champagne’s gone
A vote is taken, agreement is reached;
“Pop another bottle of Dom Perignon” ….

Friday, 12 May 2017

Carry on voting Tory (a song)

Carry on Voting Tory

If you want to see the back of the N.H.S
Carry on voting Tory
If you want to pay towards it less and less
Carry on voting Tory
If you don’t give a fuck about mental health
And your prime concern is a billionaire's wealth
If you want to see nurses get less pay
Than someone selling fries in a takeaway
If you trust Trump more than the B.M.A.
Carry on voting Tory

If you want to see less police on the beat
Carry on voting Tory
If you want more burglaries in your street
Carry on voting Tory
If you want drug dealers in the park
If you don’t want to venture out after dark
If you want more knives and violence in town
If you want your kids mugged by a drunken clown
If you want to see your local nick close down
Carry on voting Tory

If you want to cut schooling for the poor
Carry on voting Tory
If you want to see classes of forty or more
Carry on voting Tory
If you want to see pupils in grammar schools
Looking down on other kids as secondary fools
If you want to see those of a very young age
Getting judged and rejected at primary stage
If that concept doesn’t rattle your cage
Carry on voting Tory

If you want workers’ rights to be null and void
Carry on voting Tory
If you think all unions should be destroyed
Carry on voting Tory
If you’re happy for people to be enslaved
As the boss gets greedier and more depraved
If you want to go to work and still be poor
If you want to use food banks more and more
Cos you can’t afford to shop at the grocery store
Carry on voting Tory

If you want to see foxes hunted again
Carry on voting Tory
If you want to hear them scream in pain
Carry on voting Tory
If you want village residents to be defied
If you want to see fracking in the countryside
If you want green activists locked away
And so called “Experts” to have less say
If you’d rather sit and listen to Theresa May
Carry on voting Tory