Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The angry gammons

The angry gammons

The angry gammons gandered
The gabbling gammon man
He gabbled and they gargled  
With gladness and élan
With gratuitous grandiosity 
He gave the gathered clan
The grandest and the greatest
Most glamorous golden plan

How greedily they grabbed
Every garishly garnished groat
How eagerly they heard
Every ghastly grumbling note
How gullibly they believed
The ignorant grating goat
They gladly gave him governance
How gleefully they gloat

The angry gammons cheered
As he gusted “Now we can
Guard against the Gauchos
With a Wall gargantuan
Give guns to all good Christians
Grotesque Muslims we will ban
Garrotte the girly snowflakes
Get ghastly with Iran”

The gabbling gammon man
Gazed at the gaping crowd
 And faux graciously he gabbed
In a voice grotesque and loud
“All the world’s a golf course
 And the gutless will be cowed”
And the gushing gammons gasped
Glazed glorious great and proud