Friday, 27 March 2020

March for the NHS (800:200,000 = 0.4%)

March for the NHS (800:200000 = 0.4%)

Yesterday, our NHS was revered;
At 8 pm, people all down the street,
Stood on their doorsteps and massively cheered,
And who would deny that sentiment sweet?
Three years ago, I attended a march;
Protesting contracts, conditions and cuts;
Against privatisation, looming large,
We shouted the odds, with no ifs or buts.
There were nigh eight hundred of us that day
And I lie if I say, I wasn’t proud,
As I, in support of the BMA,
Marched down the high street with that worthy crowd,
Though, for a big town, it could have been more:
Two hundred and fifty times to be sure.

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