Monday, 23 March 2020

For cough

For cough

Did you see the zombie herd
Acting blatantly absurd
Queuing up for half the night 
To buy up everything in sight
Rushing through the sliding doors
Of the supermarket stores
Like locusts on a farmer’s field
They swarmed over the crop yield 
Congregated like sardines
Fought over tins of beans
Hoarded cold/flu remedies
Trampled over OAPs
Coughed and sneezed along the aisles
Carried food away in piles
Screamed at workers on the till
Drove home shameless with their fill
They went way beyond the pale
Now there’s no loo roll for sale
No frozen chips no tins of stew
Yes we have no bananas too
There’s no pasta not a jot
No cereal they bought the lot
No chicken duck beef pork lamb
Milk butter eggs cheese or ham
No vegan or veggie fare
The bakery’s been stripped bare
There’s no nutrition left in here
Just spirits wine cider and beer
Having emptied all the shelves
In view of no one but themselves
The zombie herd content well-fed
Considers not the nurse half-dead
Who despairing of mankind
With another shift in mind
Enters now the store deadbeat
And finds there nothing left to eat

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