Wednesday, 18 May 2016

When was Britain great?

Cheers to Jonna for the second line. But mostly cheers to the guy who tried to force his Brexit opinions on me earlier today, thus turning my pen into a machine gun: fuck the sword.

UKIP logic part one:

When was Britain great?

Are you British are you proud
Is it in your D.N.A?
To sing “God save our gracious Queen”
And celebrate Saint George’s day?
“What’s wrong with that?” I hear you ask
But please don’t take it personally
I’ve got some questions of my own
And I was hoping you’d tell me

When was the last time Britain was great?
Was it back in eighty four?
When Thatcher took the miners on
And with their faces wiped the floor
And later sold our industries
Even the water that we drink
Our rail and our utilities
Everything but the kitchen sink?

When did Britannia rule the waves?
Was it in the seventies?
When Amin’s bananas were sent in jest
To a land financially on its knees
The Pistols sang “God save the queen
No future no future no future for you”
And Jimmy Saville got away with rape
(Apparently Margaret Thatcher knew)

The nineteen sixties had great bands
The Beatles, The Kinks, The Stones, The Who
John Lennon sang “All you need is love”
And for a while it seemed
That at least was true
Would you rather remember rivers of blood?
Do you think Enoch had prophetic sight?
Have you read the speech
In great detail?
Do you tell it to your kids in bed at night?

Maybe Britain was great in world war two
The bulldog spirit can’t be denied
But didn’t Russia also play a part?
And what about the help
Roosevelt supplied?
And did the British people in Forty five
Really think it was Churchill who won the war?
If he was the greatest ever PM
What the fuck did he get voted out for?

Were things any better before that time
With poverty and debt never far away
Was the general strike of twenty six
A homage to the fairness of the British way?
I remember a story my nan used to tell:
Four older brother’s, lives barely begun
Diphtheria was rife, and whilst they slept
It paid them a visit, and killed each one

Was Britain great in the first world war
When countless youngsters lost their lives
Their sacrifices formalised in
letters sent to mothers and wives
And was it right and was it just
For fifteen year old boys to be
Put to death by firing squad
For running away from the enemy?

Was Britain great when the Titanic sank?
And the poor, being not much more than slaves
Watched as the lifeboats rowed away
As they froze to death in their icy graves
Throughout British history it seems to me
That greatness was something enjoyed by few
For everyone else life was dark and grim
Is that where you want to go back to?

Are you British are you proud
Is it in your D.N.A?
To sing “God save our gracious queen”
And celebrate Saint George’s day?
Is this, your land of hope and glory
A shining example to human kind?
You say you want to make it great again
But it never really was
Except for in your mind

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