Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pig at the wheel

Written in the late nineteen eighties; I keep meaning to do an up to date version. Just need those damn car manufactures to come up with some decent names!  Still, I think it works well as a set of limerick style verses, whatever decade it's read in so.........

Pig at the wheel

Beware of the pig at the wheel
He's out for a laugh and a thrill
It's like an ambition
His personal mission
To injure to maim or kill

You never know where he'll be
Sometimes he drives a Capri
But he may well appear
In a Cavalier
Or Convertible XR3

In a flash he comes up from behind
With swift overtaking in mind
And his lights on full beam
He'll make you scream!
And go temporarily blind

He'll lie through his teeth without shame
In response to your accident claim
When his nose out too far
Ploughs into your car

He'll turn round and say you're to blame

With no signal for left or right
He's out there all day and all night
On a desperate quest
To be fastest and best
Cutting up every vehicle in sight

So remember to keep your eyes peeled
To avoid being injured or killed
If you want to survive
When your're out for a drive
Beware of the pig at the wheel

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