Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Kill the poor

Wrote this to one of Gilly's tunes around 1994: never did get to play it live. Another rant at the flag waving establishment: hopefully the content speaks for itself.

Part of the UKIP logic project.

Kill the poor

Throw the flags away
Why should you die to save

When you know that you're despised
By the people that you praise
They just love to patronize you
With their condescending ways
Till you get so bitter and twisted
You don't know which way to turn
Still you look to them for guidance
When will you ever learn?

They starve a nation for a petty gain
And change the story to hide the pain
Their media pages advertise the lie
More provocation from the old school tie

Kill the poor
(Left them bleeding on the floor)
Kill the poor
Bullets fly, guns roar

All history changes
For convenient lies

Look at the soldiers in a grave yard
What exactly was it for?
The cause that got them slaughtered
In someone else's war?
"They died for today's freedom"  
That's what the leaders say
And the leaders got their freedom
But they're taking yours away

They always tell you that it's for the best
But they're not the ones being put to the test
To make the ultimate sacrifice
And pay the biggest percentage of the price

Kill the poor
(Left them dying on the floor)
Kill the poor
Bullets fly, guns roar
From behind the scenes
They operate the puppet strings
Are you ready to die
For the patriotic lie?

In times of peace and war
They love to kill the poor

It's generated hatred
Fear making you blind
Embedded in your mind
Against your own kind

Kill the poor
It's been done many times before
You go over the wire
Into machine gun fire

To kill the poor
Kill the poor
Kill the poor

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