Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Conqueror

Jack and the Like tree (a fairy story)

Part four:

The Conqueror

There was a place called Facebook land
Where life affirming like fruit grew
And in that land a demon ruled
And from his throne, he blew and blew
And sent a billion like fruit seeds
Towards a door left open wide
They blasted through, then downward bound
Were scattered by the winds outside

And after one year in the ground
Each tiny seed, too small to see
Would germinate and then become
A new, gigantic like fruit tree
And everyone who ate the fruit
Would soon become a helpless slave
Deluded by the lure of fame
And self-importance that it gave

The passing of a second year
Would see them stricken with disease
In search of fruit (like one before)
In millions, climbing up the trees
There on his throne, the demon sat
Anticipating what he’d planned:
He pondered on the countless fools
Trapped forever in Facebook land

But all of this was jeopardised
When Jack – the planter – closed the door
The demon could not find his breath
The wind he’d conjured blew no more
He sought and found the hapless boy
And had him now in his embrace
“Your part is played, now you must DIE!”
He screamed into his frightened face

Jack, helpless and resigned to fate
And thinking that he’d soon be dead
Imagined then another voice
Whispering quietly in his head
“He is the beast that lives inside
And I will freeze him now for you
Have faith and hear the words I say
For there is something you must do

The only way to kill the beast
Lies deep within his beating chest
And once removed the beast will die
But know this first, for here’s a test
The thing that you have come to love
The like tree fruit that you adore
Will vanish once the demon’s dead
And all the trees shall be no more”

Jack shook his head in disbelief
For surely this could not be so
But then a cold wind chilled the air
And like a creature made of snow
The demon frozen, could not move
His mouth, in shock was open wide
The voice in Jack’s head then returned:
“You must be quick, Jack reach inside”

Jack put his arm inside the mouth
And pushed as deeply as he could
And as he clasped the beating heart
He suddenly then understood
The meaning of the whispered words
And what the demon’s death would mean:
A life without the like tree fruit
Was something he had not foreseen

No more feelings and selfish thoughts?
There surely could be nothing worse
Than knowing that his life was not
The centre of the universe
His story was a mundane tale
No one would read it, not a word
A mass of insignificance
That no one saw and no one heard

The like fruit gave him all the things
Reality could never give
Without the fruit he was but dust
Without the fruit he could not live
“Jack, stop thinking about the fruit”
The voice inside his head returned
“Just grab his heart and pull it out
Then bring it to me to be burned

Focus your mind Jack, concentrate
For I will help you with this task
Pull out the heart and kill the beast
That wears your features like a mask”
With newly acquired inner strength
Jack brushed aside the things he feared
He pulled and ripped the heart away
The demon screamed then disappeared

“Come to me Jack, I am waiting
 Here by the door you left behind
I'll cure your like addiction
And end the torment in your mind”
Jack turned around and then he saw
The ground that he was standing on
Was now a big wide empty space
And all the like fruit trees had gone

Jack, remembering what he held
Looked at the object in his hand
Its shape was of the letter “F”
The mark, he knew, of Facebook land
“Come to me” the whisperer said
Bring the symbol of false desire
The spell cannot be broken till
The demon’s heart is in the fire”

And so began a lonely quest:
Mile after mile, day after day
Along the path of nothingness
Through shades of black and white and grey
Jack walked in solitude and pain
And emptiness beyond compare
Till finally he found the door:
The whisperer was waiting there

With gladness and with proffered hand
He gave the demon’s heart away
The hooded figure held it high
And in his mind Jack heard him say
“Behold the demon’s frozen heart
A symbol from the depths of hell
From whence it came, it must return
Come fourth and break the demon’s spell!”

And in the distance Jack then saw
A terrifying wall of fire
The hooded figure left him then
And walked towards the burning pyre
And as he walked he grew in size
As tall as any like fruit tree
His head and shoulders now so high
Jack craned his neck but could not see

And in a FLASH! The fire was gone
The figure, now of normal size
Turned to Jack and lowered his hood
And saw his disbelieving eyes
“Jack, fare you well now go in peace
The trees have gone, our work is done
We’ve broken too the demon’s spell
That was two years ago begun

Go through the door and back in time
And two years younger you shall be
All this forgotten, but one thing:
Have faith my friend, remember me”
And with those words he disappeared
And Jack walked through the opened door
And in his garden there he stood
And it was as two years before…….


A boy out walking down a lane
Once came across a like tree seed
Inside a bag on which was writ
“For satisfaction guaranteed …….”
He picked it up and in his mind
There came a distant memory
A quiet and comforting refrain:
“Have faith my friend, remember me”

The end.

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