Friday, 24 January 2020

Shit and sugar

Shit and sugar

Back in August seventy one
In jumpers and beachwear
With a spade each
On a windy beach
Near Weston Super Mare
Me and my twin brother
Not far from mum’s deckchair
Filled and emptied pails of sand
For castles here and there

What we got to eat mum?
I asked her hungrily
As the wind blew
Seagulls flew
And salt came off the sea
Shit and sugar she replied
And laughing gleefully
We each took a sandwich  
And scoffed it eagerly

Dad took us to the pier
We went on every ride
Paid a call
To the mirrored hall
The helter skelter slide
The ghost train and the dodgems
And we nearly puked inside
The waltzers after eating
Ice cream and doughnuts fried

We walked along the seafront
With bags of soggy chips
As seagulls scrounged
Wasps buzzed around
Overflowing skips
I listened to the waves
Tasted sea salt on my lips
Felt the evening chill
Watched the lights of distant ships

We got back after dark
I dreamed that night in bed
Of a slice of ham
(Or was it spam?)
With thin cut buttered bread
I asked mum for a sandwich
And she in anger said
There’s only shit and sugar
So I ate that instead 

That morning in the chalet
I awoke in sorrow
Two weeks had passed
Much too fast
We’d be home tomorrow
Back in boring Chadwell Heath
And school too soon to follow
Leaving Brean Sands was to me
A bitter pill to swallow

We got home the next day
And eventually
That holiday
Far away
Was a distant memory
Of shit sugar buckets spades
Deckchairs by the sea
Rides slides doughnuts chips
My twin brother and me

And though it was a cloudy day
With wind and not much sun
Yet I still laugh
At the photograph
Of us two having fun
Or so at least it seems to me 
And when all’s said and done
We were a happy pair indeed
In August seventy one

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