Monday, 19 June 2017

One last kiss

One last kiss

Fine evening, end of May
Exhibition at the V&A
Outside table, spicy food
Sultry tranquil ambient mood
Across the table gorgeous wife
Making small talk loving life
Hotel room a tube away
A perfect end to a perfect da-

Wine and dinner evening show
Pay the waiter then they go
Plenty of time before the bell
And to use the loo as well
Among the crowd they walk about
Many have their smart phones out
His map marker points to where
“Look the theatre’s over the--

Young men getting drunk outside
Swilling pints of London Pride
Shouting swearing voices loud
Stag night antics boisterous proud
A father looks on with a frown
“Can you keep the language down?”
Daughter feels embarrassed now
“Dad be quiet you’ll start a ro-

Suspicious character ahead
What was it the mayor said?
“Part and parcel” was his view
And people should be “Vigilante” too
Hurrying anxious looking man   
Funny place to leave a van
Fleeting thoughts by many shared
Each paranoid but not prepa---

Early evening sun still bright
The Thames below reflecting light
A blinding FLASH and suddenly
God I can’t see GOD I CAN’T SEE!
Wide awake confused not dreaming
Tears from dazzled eyes streaming
To my lips I hold your hand
One last kiss before we land

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