Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Grandma's ghost

I guess we all have the occasional "flashback" to our younger days, but recently I had one encompassing two things that happened to me in 1980 and 1986 respectively, the first being an LSD trip (yes I was a naughty boy), the second, a visit to a spiritualist.

This random memory took me quite by surprise whilst in the middle of a totally unrelated task at work (I'm a printing assistant) and stayed with me during my drive home along with the words "I saw a strange old lady" which are the opening lines of the subsequent poem below:

Grandma’s Ghost

I saw a strange old lady, I was high on LSD,
In the armchair by the bed, she sat looking down at me,
And I felt on that occasion,
It was no hallucination,
Even though it could have been so easily
An LSD anomaly.

She was staring at me smiling; I was transfixed for a while;
I took a mental picture of that strange old lady’s smile,
Then suddenly afraid
I turned around and there I stayed
Under the covers, shaking like a child,
My thoughts running wild.

When I turned and looked again, the old lady disappeared.
I sat up, looked around, shook my head until it cleared,
But the thing that still remained
In the corner of my brain
Was the image of the lady in the chair
And her disarming stare.

Five years passed; a medium said, “I’ve got your grandma here,
She’s standing right beside me I can hear her very clear,
And the message coming through
Is she’s now watching you,
She’s been with you awhile it would appear
She says she’s always near”.

The medium told me stuff that only I could know;
Little things forgotten that had happened long ago,
I was taken in that day
By the things she had to say
Was it really true or was it is just a show?
Did grandma say “Hello”?

Now many more years later, I’m still wondering today,
If it was it only acid that had led my thoughts astray,
Were my faculties impaired
When that lady made me scared,
Sitting there and staring at me, old and grey?
Was it my mind’s disarray?

Was it a hallucination that gave me such a fright?
Or did the LSD give me some kind of second sight?
Was it Grandma sitting there?
In that empty bedside chair?
I wonder, was the spiritualist right?
Did I see a ghost that night?


  1. My grandmother always told me that spirits can visit us in our sleep, that we are on a different level of consciousness as we doze. LSD scares the crap out of me. When I was in college, a boy in our dorms took some, thought he was seeing ghosts and jumped off the eighth floor fire escape. He only lived by the grace of God, though I hear he is paralyzed.

  2. Scary stuff Elizabeth. Not to be recommended. A long time ago though (35 years at least).


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