Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Haiku4alcohol(3rd person)

One day I'll learn how to post photos and stuff like a proper blogger. Meanwhile, here's another poem, written in the Haiku style with a smidgen of rhyme.

Haiku4alcohol (3rd person)

The more strong cider
He drinks the more he believes
The more he deceives

The more wine he drinks
The more easy to forget
His non self-respect

Another night drunk
And she’s telling him to stop
He’ll drink every drop

And then the next day
Restless lying in their bed
Wishing he was dead

Morning brings regret
For last night’s atrocities
Heartfelt apologies

God I’m so sorry
I’m trying to make you see
Last night wasn’t me

Those bruises she’s got
On her legs her arms her face
Reflect his disgrace

So sorry my love
I beg you to believe me
Sorry sincerely

But deep down he knows
He’ll forget all that’s just past
His remorse won’t last

It’s Friday again
And he’s opening the wine
Pretending It’s fine

He’ll just have the one
And forget as his disease
Reclaims him with ease

And she. Fearfully
Forgetfully taken in
By his carefree grin?

And so it begins
One drink followed by six more
And another he’ll pour

And all of those things
That happened last Saturday
Seem so faraway

All is forgotten
Another promise spoken
Easily broken

They drink and they laugh
And talk about tomorrows
Drowning their sorrows

And all of the while
Slowly destroying his health
Deceiving himself

He pours another
Is that a problem? So what?

You finished? I’m not

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