Wednesday, 20 November 2019

All because of Corbyn

All because of Corbyn

A&E departments, GP surgeries,
Health and day-care centres, public libraries,
Pensioner and youth clubs, childcare centres too;
They’re all disappearing; replaced with nothing new.

And all because of Corbyn; he’s the one to blame
For the callous cancellation of every sickness claim.
If you’re suffering an illness, he’ll make you feel it more;
He’s the bane of the disabled; a killer of the poor.

Back in 1912, as the Titanic sank,
Captain Edward John Smith knew just who to thank
For the shortfall of the lifeboats, the passengers in distress,
And the failure of rescue ships to heed the SOS;

Jeremy bloody Corbyn; he schemed and exploited
And the ship hit the iceberg that could have been avoided.
It was Corbyn who insisted on the need for speed;
He’s the scourge of the workers; the epitome of greed;

Chernobyl 1986; a cloud of radiation
Dispersed into the air, leaving widespread devastation.
What caused the overheating, the meltdown of the core
And the consequent explosion at reactor number four?

Fucking Jeremy Corbyn; his incompetence made it fail
You can search for it on Google, or read it in the Mail.
Corbyn was responsible for messing up the test;
He’s a liability; an enemy of the west.

The Rosetta stone was made nigh 200 years BC
And on it is a warning; a frightful prophecy;
Hieroglyphics telling of the coming of a man;
A demon in disguise with a devastating plan.

Beware of Jeremy Corbyn (the ancient writing said);
With his white shirt, hair and beard and tie of deepest red;
He’ll bring the world to ruin and make you lose your mind;
He’s the future king of ISIS; the nemesis of mankind.

And so it’s come to pass, barely fifty years from now,
The protective ozone layer will be bereft of power.
Scientists say we’re poisoning the planet’s atmosphere,
But should it be pollution from fossil fuels we fear?

No, it’s Jeremy Corbyn; it’s all down to him;
Out there on his allotment, he’s growing something grim.
Don’t listen to the experts; they haven’t got a clue;
Corbyn’s homemade jams will be the death of me and you!

There’s no limitation, the list goes on and on,
His ruthlessness is peerless, he’s an evil mafia don,
He’s the end of freedom; he’s every child’s nightmare,
He’s the wickedest of the wicked; he’s a man who doesn’t care.

That nasty Jeremy Corbyn; he’ll bring you to your knees,
With his call for lesser working hours, free prescription fees,
Well-funded public services, equality of pay;
There’ll be untold misery, if Corbyn gets his way!

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