Thursday, 21 March 2019

Civil war

Civil war

Current times aren’t uniquely dramatic;
Look to the epoch; Sixteen forty two,
Which (whilst probably less democratic,
Than the one we’re presently living through),
Bears comparison to these troubled days.
Now, as it was back then, our country’s split
And we’re entering a dangerous phase;
All the intense anger due to Brexit,
Is on a par with that time of discord,
When siblings, neighbours and friends fought and killed
Each other with axe, musket, pike and sword;
Debates hence settled on the battlefield.
Leavers and Remainers, we’re much the same;
Roundheads and Cavaliers in all but name.

Concerns are dismissed as,"More project fear”,
But the real concern hasn't started yet;
Be wary of when things suddenly veer
Beyond the confines of the internet.
All the insults typed and sent to-and-fro
Between remainers and leavers alike,
Could be but a prologue to the main show;
The verbal before the physical strike.
If a few demonstrate aggressively,
Violence unleashed may possibly spread,
Gathering pace, till eventually
The streets are littered with injured (or dead?).
Mockers can scoff, but it’s happened before;
England's already had one civil war.

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