Monday, 16 July 2018

Murdoch conned the working class

Murdoch conned the working class

Murdoch conned the working class,
Did it very craftily,
Normalising tits and arse,
Changing viewpoints gradually.
Told them that their unions
Were to blame for all their woes.
Altered their opinions
Made the bosses their heroes.

Murdoch conned the working class
From his empire overseas.
Thatcher with a gifted pass
Sold off all their industries.
Largess from the big fat cats
Made things run without a hitch,
Buying shares and council flats
They believed that they were rich.

Murdoch conned the working class,                           
Steel works, ship yards, mines closed down.
Britain turned into a farce,
Unemployed in every town.
Union leaders stripped of power,
Discontent, north-south divide,
(London was a big cash cow
Long before the old witch died).

Murdoch conned the working class
And he does it still today.
Liars now are superstars,
Living safely far away.
Ruthless takers with no shame
Rob the pensions of us all,            
Immigration takes the blame;                         
Murdoch’s friends divide and rule.

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