Monday, 17 February 2014


Credit must go to my dear friend, Mark Feld, for the line "If I didn't have any bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all" Which I somehow managed to slip in.


Have you ever asked yourself “where have I been?
And then climbed a fence to the other side
And found the grass there not as green?
I look at you and I can see your pain
When you get knocked down and you get back up
And then you get knocked down again.
The vicious circle goes around and around
And you’re tired and tied to a dead end life,
And the daily grind keeps you down.
In a dungeon of despair you’re suffering,
And it feels like you’re living through a nightmare;
You need a reawakening.

I’ve got a good friend, his back’s against the wall;
He says if he didn’t have bad luck,
He wouldn’t have any at all.
He’s being sanctioned and he can’t make a claim
Because he doesn’t agree with the system;
He refuses to play their game.
Do you ever want to turn and leave the stage?
Rip up the old script, throw it on the fire
Start again with your own blank page?

This path we’re on is busy going nowhere,
We’ve been drudging along it for too long,
With broken hearts in need of repair.
And I’m wondering now, what else can we do?
What will it take to make us change our minds
And take a different point of view?
The answer’s not in the biased newspapers;
Propaganda’s their only agenda
And their lies mentally rape us.
The government, they say, is democratic,
But there’s more than one way to perceive things
And their way’s leaving us static.

We’ve been like zombies sleep walking for too long
And here and now is the time to come round;
Wake up to a different song.
The journey may at times be scary and strange,
And yes, it may be slow and gradual;
We need patience for subtle change;
A change that doesn’t require any violence,
Or a bigot shouting selfish beliefs
While others suffer in silence.

Like an evolution, this thing could take years;
The shedding of beliefs that are groundless,
Replaced with better ideas
Rather than the nonsense we’ve been taking in.             

Change direction today, and it may come;
A future reawakening.

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