Thursday, 6 February 2014

E mails to Satan

Emails to Satan

On a site for lonely souls, looking for a friend
A girl typed an email and pressed the icon “Send”.
And she attracted Satan who could easily pretend
To be a boy of purity on whom she could depend.

His responding message was a ruse sent to deceive;  
Dark intent disguised as virtue; evil make- believe.
From the picture that he sent her one might easily conceive
Of a fifteen year old boy, his heart worn on his sleeve.

A meeting was arranged, both young lovers being keen,
She sneaked out at night making sure she’d not be seen.
She wandered to a forest that is by daytime green;
At night time, it turns black, and people lurk, unseen.

She waited in the darkness as drizzle filled the air,
She waited and she waited and still he wasn’t there,
And finally, concluding after all, he didn’t care,
She headed home despondent, distressed and in despair.

There were no witnesses; none saw him when he came,
She heard footsteps behind her, the whispering of her name.
She turned and saw a man, whose face was not the same
As the boys’ in the picture, that lured her with its claim.

They found her in the morning, lying on the ground,
Her clothes her shoes her underwear, scattered all around,
The area was sealed for indicators to be found,
And she, reduced to evidence, removed post-mortem bound.

The story made the headlines and shocked us for a while,
The TV showed her face, her friendly, pretty smile.
On her lap top, so the story ran, the police had found a file,
But alas no solid evidence, to lead them to a trial.

They found no trace of Satan, who can easily pretend
To be a boy of purity on whom one can depend,
And she was but a lonely soul looking for a friend
When she’d typed her final emails and pressed the icon; “Send”.


  1. Hi Barry, I've just stopped in from Linda's blog. Great poem - I was expecting one thing, and got another, much darker story instead.

  2. I have to be honest Barry, I hate poetry...usually...but I like yours. It has great flow. I just start reading and then I am at the end. This was such a sad one, but frighteningly realistic for our times.
    (You need a follow button and no captcha, or the word'll pick up more readers that way. Welcome to the blogosphere!)

  3. Well actually I got Linda to do all that, me being a complete stoneager lol

  4. I like this Barry. The flow of it and the content as well. Good stuff...

  5. Thanks Jonna. Much appreciated.


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